Control Automation and SCADA (CAS) systems Ltd., is committed to innovative solutions to enhance the productivity of our valued clients while recognizingspecific constraints inherent in client’s system.

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At CAS systems we are able to design, implement and maintain wired and wireless SCADA telecommunication systems which supports many different types of industrial protocols and the architecture allows multiple clients to view the same data and seamless expansion to handle additional remote sites and i/o points.

Based on the expert design and verified telecommunication systems design, we construct required structures, install, and commission the best SCADA telecommunications network. Communications being the backbone of any SCADA system, CAS systems telecoms experts are well experienced in the analysis, application and design, upgrade and integration of all types of communication systems ranging from Power Line Carrier (PLC), copper, radio and fiber optic networks.We understand that communication reliability, security and data quality are an essential to the performance of your telemetry and SCADA systems and we can provide for all your communication needs.

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Over time, equipment, cables, connectors and antenna systems tend to degrade due to the weather, UV exposure and a variety of other factors. Internal hardware is less prone to the elements, yet periodically, it needs to be inspected. Scada telecommunication systems may require upgrades for reasons of equipment obsolescence (which means lack of OEM support when failure occurs), lack of redundancy, lack of documentation. As equipment ages, failure rate becomes unpredictable and can be expensive! legacy SCADA telecommunication present problems ranging from maintenance cost, slow performance, and are unable to support the requirements of a high-performance modern SCADA system. Moving to fiber-optic networks provide bandwidth, transmission distance, security, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) advantages. We implement the best network technology to provide reliability, manageability, and redundancy.

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