Electrical Protection

We offer modern electrical system design, analysis, and protection, excellent turnkey electrical and instrumentation systems construction service to EPCI companies and end users alike. As part of the design we prepare Functional Schematics, P&IDs, Instrument Index, Instrument location layout, cable layout, cable schedule, e.tc. We possess the manpower, skills, work permit, tools and equipment, project management policies, to safely execute the assembly, installation, testing, commissioning and handover of an E & I construction project of any scale. 

CAS Systems provides professional earthing, lightning and surge protection services for her clients. Our approach includes identification of lightning protection zones using risk assessments and soil resistivity (Wenner method). After which we conduct design and installation of earth electrodes, earth networks, equipotentialisation of earthing networks in accordance with the requirements of UL/NFPA and IEC/SANS 62305 or other published Standards for LPS.

We offer extensive cathodic protection services which includes the design of service equipment and materials for your CP application. We work with our client’s standards and the international codes to design and install cathodic protection systems. As part of our commitment to our clients’ need we not only design, manufacture and assemble to suit the specific requirements, we also provide highly skilled specialist for on-site maintenance, test and repair to keep the switch gear and motor controls in a fully operational condition.

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