Oil and Gas

Optimize your Production today!

CAS systems offers a wide range of services optimized for oil & gas upstream production for increased production, reduced cost, maximum reliability, minimized risks to personnel and business and improved management of remote facilities. Our solutions are engineered to meet and exceeds our client’s expectation throughout the lifecycle of the field operation.

Our specialization in Automation and control, SCADA & IIoT, Electrical and Instrumentation, Safety & Security, and telecommunications provide us with all required tools, manpower and experience to serve your needs to design, build, test, install and commission solutions including:

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems, DCS, PCS systems e.tc.
  • HMI, Historians, MES solutions
  • SCADA and remote systems solutions
  • Industrial Internet of Things and BigData solutions
  • Fire & Gas Detection system audit, design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and upgrade
  • Instruments calibration and recertification, including recorders, transmitters, sensors, flow meters, portable gas detectors etc.
  • Power management systems
  • Burner management systems
  • Drives: Variable Speed and Frequency drives
  • Spares Support
  • Fibre-Optics cabling and networking
  • Telecomms: microwave, terrestrial broadband wireless, and WiMAX/WiFi systems