We provide you with products and solutions that are reliable, flexible and customer-specific. Our modular approach offers you effective fire safety with maximum flexibility

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Advanced fire safety systems are required in industrial facilities like chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, and on offshore drilling rigs where flammable or toxic substances are extracted and processed for adequate safety of workers and prevent damages to critical infrastructures. At CAS Systems, we have years of experience in fire and gas safety affords us the know-how to create a comprehensive fire protection plan that keeps your workers safe and your facility in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.Our fire alarm systems address complex, mid-sized and small applications in every respect; whether it be planning, system integration, installation and use, or maintenance and repair.Expert design and integration takes advantage of the use of mass notification systems (such as loudspeaker, mobile devices, or computer broadcast) in order to ensure everybody receives the message in the case of an emergency.We provide complete coverage to meet code requirements for smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, gas detectors, signal transmission including proprietary supervising station, central station monitoring, notification appliances and many other functions for a fire alarm system.


We provide you with products and solutions that are reliable, flexible and customer-specific. Our modular approach offers you effective fire safety with maximum flexibility. During the design our team of Fire and Gas specialist work with you to determine the most effective configuration of heat detection and smoke detection devices for your budget. Addressable fire panels allow you to pinpoint the area of the fire and to ensure that your employees exit the premises safely. As recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, we use combination ionization-photoelectric sensor units to ensure the most effective protection for your staff members and for your facility. High-intensity strobe lights can be combined with our audible alarm systems to alert hearing-impaired staff in the event of fire.


At CAS systems, we supply and install the most innovative and cost-effective fire alarm systems from leading OEMs (such as Kidde, Notifier, Ansul, and Siemens) to meet and exceed your organizational safety standards, local and international safety codes. We also repair existing systems to ensure that your facility is properly protected against fire.Our solutions include but not limited to the following:

  • Conventional fire panels for smaller facilities, such as retail stores, restaurants, and small buildings.
  • Addressable fire panels that deliver pinpoint accuracy for locating fires quickly and that allow at-a-glance monitoring of entire facilities.
  • Zoning options that provide tailored protection throughout your entire site.
  • Combination systems that allow prompt responses to fires and other threats.
  • Centralized stations that comply with building codes and National Fire Protection Association standards for monitoring.

We provide complete installation, service, and replacement for all types of fire alarm systems and ensure your need are met and exceeded. Contact us today