Our industrial IoT solutions are based on several years of industrial experience that enables us to optimize IoT for industrial applications.

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Our industrial IoT solutions are based on several years of industrial experience that enables us to optimize IoT for industrial applications. We make use of Cloud and Edge computing technologies to create powerful industrial solutions. We provide custom – designed cross-platform mobile apps for secure and reliable visualization, monitoring, and KPI analytics for key decision makers, or maintenance and operationspersonnel. Each player is able to access only information required for his/her role. This information can be accessed from anywhere whether within the facility premises or in a completely remote location.Our cross-platform mobile apps support smart devices such as androids, windows-based, and mac-os based mobile devices e.g. android phone, i-phones, tablets and PCs, etc. Contact us today to offer you the best technical service geared to achieve and exceed your organizational goals of a reliable, effective, efficient and cost-friendly system.


With our IIoT solutions based on Edge and Cloud computing technologies seamless access to real-time performance data and complex analytics, machine learning rules, e.tc creates unparalleled opportunities to detect faults and prevent downtime before it occurs meaning more proactive and less reactive maintenance. After maintenance collection of data continues for trend analysis and gain insights into a wider picture of general maintenance and service needs. Catching issues early and preventing them altogether implies less overall wear-and-tear from breakage and invasive servicing. Systems runs smoothly and lasts longer, such that you gain more ROI. Thus, it is important to commit such critical services to CAS systems, a competent service contractor who has all that is required to deliver services resulting in such benefits from industry 4.0 based solutions. Contact us today for your IIoT solutions.


Our capabilities include the cloud platform that brings essential software services together to manage the endpoints securely such as the digital twin, device management, Event and Data Processing, Analytics/Machine Learning, API management, and security management. Its valuable to define a digital twin in most industrial IoT application as it is the bridge between the OT and IT worlds. The core value of IIoT exudes from generating useful insight from data, and making it actionable to drive smarter operations. Hence, the need for IoT apps that empower users to act upon insight, by combining sensor data and data residing in enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and PLM. Also, IoT apps should be able to trigger actions in the physical world like turning a system on or off. We have the capabilities to develop both web and cross-platform, responsive and multi-channel mobile apps optimized for specific form factors, using device features and supporting gestures with minimal overhead.