CAS Systems is a leading provider of a full range of instrumentation and metering solutions including traceable Lab based calibration services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, L.A.C.T unit services, skidded systems, turnkey tank gauging and depot automation systems, and stock management systems, gas analyzer and chromatography system.

We provide Laboratory calibration services for Electronic instruments such as Function Generator, Ground Bond Tester, High Voltage Probe, Loop Calibrators, Meggers, Megohmmeter, Multimeter (Handheld and Benchtop),; Pressure and Flow instruments such as pressure gauges, rotometers, mass flow meters, and velocity meters, Pressure Meters, Pressure Transmitters, Dead Weight Testers, Pressure Controllers, Pressure Relief Valves, Vacuum Gauges, Temperature & Humidity instruments.  Contact Us today for:

Instruments Calibration


CAS systems provides services for every component of a LACT/ACT unit and the entire skidded unit. We collaborate with our technology partners and your technical team to provide you the best service that exceeds your expectation at an optimal cost. CAS Systems offers client tank gauging system that meet and exceeds their specification based on the tank farm infrastructure, and business needs. Contact Us today fo your:


Tank Gauging & Depot Automation

Gas Analyzers & Chromatograph