The integrity of a plant is highly dependent on the reliability of the utility power supply. Power supply to the plant needs to be robust to handle faults at various location, components or subsystems that compromise the systems integrity needs to be identified

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Electrical Power Studies & Design

Electrical Power studies are important to identify hazards and reduce them where possible. We are able to perform various power system studies including: Arc flash analysis, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination studies, Load Flow, Voltage Drop and Power Factor studies, Ground Mat Analysis, Device Evaluation, Harmonics and Motor starting studies. We use the best electrical analysis software ETAP.

CAS Systems can perform several power system studies and services that will assist your organization in creating a safe and reliable environment when operating electrical distribution systems. Reliability and safety of personnel and equipment is of the utmost importance, hence we ensure that our studies and analysis are detailed and complies with applicable standards local and international.

Arc flashes can cause injuries, lawsuits, fines, equipment damage, facility downtime and lost production hence, we perform Arc flash hazard analysis to determine arc flash boundary, the personal protective equipment that people within the Arc Flash Protection Boundary shall use… according to NFPA 70E 130.3.

Usually a plant power system experience a form of growth which increase the available short-circuit current, the momentary and interrupting rating of new and existing equipment on the system must be checked to ensure the equipment can withstand the short-circuit energy. In order to conduct the short-circuit analysis we consider the fault contributions for utility sources, motors and generators. The results of a Short Circuit Analysis are also used to selectively coordinate electrical protective devices.


We perform Protective Device Coordination studies to ensure that transformers, capacitor banks, electric motors and cables are protected against damage from short circuit currents. From these studies we can select appropriately rated protective devices and their settings. The objective is to minimize the impact of short circuits in the electrical system by isolating faults as quickly as possible, while maintaining power to the rest of the system.

We perform Ground Mat Analysis to determine the step and touch potential voltages that could be present posing a serious danger to personnel.

Device evaluation is is an extension of a short circuit study performed to determine which components do not exceed the necessary short circuit or load ratings they require based on the calculated values from the short circuit analysis or load flow analysis. An equipment evaluation study compares component short circuit ratings and continuous ratings with calculated short circuit and operating conditions. 

We perform Motor Starting Studies on a power system to determine unusual consequences of starting a large motor. Our studies help to ensure that the power system is able to supply inrush to any motor on the system while supplying normal service for the rest of the system.

We also perform Load Flow, Voltage Drop and Power Factor Studies.