Power and Utilities

CAS Systems provides extensive system integration solutions including generators, boilers, Cleaning-In-Place units, water treatment plants, waste water or effluent treatment plants, e.tc. Our expertise cut across a wide spectrum of the industry from Substations, Independent Power Plants (IPP) with Gas Engines, Turbines e.tc, to Hydro Power stations and Industrial Power plants, to Water treatment and Waste water treatment plants, e.tc.

We are able to serve all our clients needs such as:

Plant Instrumentation, PLC, SCADA systems, Analyzer shelters, e.tc

Safety solutions: Fire & Gas systems, safety instrumented systems including Emergency shut-down systems, Fire water hydrant systems, e.tc.

Backup Power systems: Battery Bank, UPS systems, Inverters and Rectifiers, e.tc.

Turnkey control room packages including Portakabin control room, e.tc.

Electrical and Instrumentation systems design and analysis

Pump sizing and specifications, e.tc.

We offer the best services and work with the best OEMs in various field and application such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, GE Multilin, e.tc. We provide all required documents for operation and maintenance, layout drawings, wiring diagrams, e.tc.