Our subject matter experts in all the major OEM brands in the industry work together as a formidable team to propose the best

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Our subject matter experts in all the major OEM brands in the industry work together as a formidable team to propose the best, simple but innovative solutions to meet and exceed our client’s needs. To serve our clients best we are equipped with the right tools, and equipment, we also have a team of engineers well trained on specific OEM hardware and software, and others with vast understanding and experience of broad subject matters in the industry. Therefore, we are able to provide turnkey automation system solutions based on DCS, PLC, DRIVES, SCADA Systems, RTU, HMI, MES and Historians.


We offer our clients the mostcost-effective and innovative solutions that takes care of all the key aspects of automation, control, supervision and integration to business management systems. Our approach leverages industry 4.0 methods to optimize the integrated systems solutions. By adopting artificial intelligence such as machine learning algorithms; Big Data and analytics, and internet of things our solutions are unmatched by any possible competitor in the industry. We are able to provide all the require technical consultation for system design specifications, planning, feasibility studies; subsequent design verification, software development (PLC, HMI, DCS, MES, SCADA, Mobile Apps), hardware system design (PLC/ICSS control panel, FOCN panel, etc), installation, commissioning and training.


New techniques, regulations, production capacity improvement requirements are some of the reasons why manufacturers, utilities, power, oil and gas procure new third-party packaged systems. Very often these systems must be integrated into existing network of systems. Several communication protocols, either proprietary, or open standard communication exists for the integration of such systems.Our Engineers are experienced to perform even the most difficult integration project where the manufacturer does not support Open communication protocols, we are able to develop custom drivers, and hardware to bridge the communication and seamlessly integrate the third-party packaged system into the existing facility. We support all the major communication protocols and many custom proprietary protocols. We provide extensive system upgrades services such as HMI, PLC, and Drives migration or upgrades and OPC integration or upgrades. Contact us today for all your industrial automation and control systems needs.